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Roofingreen for "The building of the year”

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Roofingreen for "The building of the year”

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"The most beautiful house in the world is in Turin. In Via Alfieri 6, fifty steps away from Piazza San Carlo. It was clear to all the people who looked, amazed, at the “bright tree” sculpture signed by Richi Ferrero while walking nearby at night. But since yesterday the record is certified by "Archdaily", the most visited architecture website in the world. The former Palazzo Valperga Galleani has indeed won the competition "Building of the Year" in the category "refurbishment". (LA STAMPA 06/02/2015)

Starting from today, the rooftop of this jewel of Piedmontese Baroque, is enhanced by a Roofingreen green roof, as the material is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the project: to restore the architectural heritage respecting it, combining elegance and aesthetics with the latest technology in the field of building construction.

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