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Roofingreen for “EASY HOUSE”

Roofingreen Triennale Milano

Roofingreen for “EASY HOUSE”

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Triennale Milano 2016 "21st Century. Design After Design"

"Easy House" is a building system based on the use of modular components and innovative materials, characterized by high energy performance. This system employes sustainable, lightweight and easy to assemble building technologies.

Roofingreen will be technical partner of this interesting project designed and patented in collaboration with Studio Armando Coppola - Engineering and Architecture, which will be presented at the Triennale of Milan 2016.

For the occasion a habitation module will be set up and accessible by the visitors: a chance to see and try one of the multiple Roofingreen applications in the field of design and innovation building.

From the 2nd of April to the 12nd September 2016