"Our mission: to combine the beauty of the design with the demands for energetic efficiency"

The company

Roofingreen was born in the city of Turin, Northern Italy, by an experienced team of professionals specializing in architecture, construction and design. Roofingreen acknowledges the current and future’s demanding market requirements and is able to address them with simple and creative answers. The basic idea of Roofingreen takes into account the requirements of sustainability in modern-day art of building, satisfying these needs with a set of modular solutions for the insulation and coating of ventilated surfaces, both flat and vertical. Each product is the result of a research and innovation work, that combines aesthetics and functionality in different application scenarios: from new construction to renovation and redevelopment, up to temporary exhibits. Roofingreen’s patented products are radically new, beautiful, easy to install and maintenance-free. A puzzle system that doesn’t need any binder and that revolutionizes the way to build and to live spaces. Roofingreen represents the essence of Italian made products at its very best: using technology to combine the beauty of the design with the demands for energetic efficiency.

"Environmental sustainability as a competitive factor"

Green Spirit

The need to reduce energy consumption and fight climate change is nowadays a global priority. This is a responsibility that Roofingreen considers from the early stages of the industrial production, limiting greenhouse gas emissions through the optimization of the production cycle. Thanks to the modular system and to a high level of recyclability of the raw materials making up the components, the technical features themselves of the products contribute to this global search for sustainability, not only providing thermal insulation of the opaque envelope, but also avoiding the waste of hydric resources and reducing waste production. All products generate acoustic insulation and the cost required by the maintenance is minimal: replacing modules is a quick and easy operation. These are the reasons why Roofingreen represents a sustainable and cost-effective investment that can provide both comfort and savings, in an environmental friendly way, while at the same time improving competitiveness and the overall corporate image of its clients.

Fields of application

The versatility of the Roofingreen modular solutions allows a wide range of applications in different fields. In the field of the “permanent” installation Roofingreen products are ideally suited to be used in residential, public and industrial sectors. From the redevelopment of private roofs and terraces to the fields of hotel contract and receptivity, from the work on public buildings - such as schools and kindergartens – up to coating sheds and other production facilities that must meet the requirements of landscape character, or simply want to improve their visual impact. Applications for temporary exhibitions (events, fairs, beaches etc.), where simplicity and speed of installation are key factors are yet another winning point. The reversibility of any temporary or permanent intervention, is a defining feature for choosing Roofingreen systems.