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  • Roofingreen - Number 6 Torino

    A green eco-chic product, which combines comfort, elegance and innovative technologies

  • Roofingreen - lagrange 12 torino

    The green technology that improves your spaces

  • Roofingreen - Berlin

    Soft, lightweight, comfortable: discover our innovative modular system

  • Roofingreen - Brianza

    A new way to live your green

  • Roofingreen - Secret Garden

    Lightweight, comfortable and easy to assemble: a modular system that valorises any kind of space

  • Roofingreen terrazza villa privata outdoor

    Discover the new design green for your outdoor spaces

  • Roofingreen - Lake

    Live your space, enjoy the relaxing barefoot on the grass

  • roofingreen giardino naxos

    Design and energy saving in the same product

  • Roofingreen - San Maurizio

    Relax, comfort and design: the green elegance of Made in Italy

A new way to live your spaces

Roofingreen is a modular system, unique in the world, designed to provide elegance and comfort to your outdoor spaces. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to assemble, it combines a refined Italian design to the capability to improve the energetic efficiency of buildings.

The world changes with simple ideas.

A unique product of Made in Italy design

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